Friday, 7 September 2012

World T20 - New Zealand

Every time I watch New Zealand play I want them to do well. I am not sure why but New Zealand are always the team I support when India cant. They have a good team but not one I would call great. I would say they have some players who could get into most teams: Taylor, Franklin, McCullum, Southee and Vettori but others who quite frankly are not up to that standard yet. There are many young players in the squad, who could surprise, if that were to happen it would be some story. 

Ross Taylor is the captain of this side, a player who I really enjoy watching, he also plays for Delhi my favourite IPL team. Taylor is feeling his way into his role as captain, this will be a real test of his captaincy. There is alot resting on Taylor's shoulders, and he may feel the pressure. 

As with any New Zealand team the fielding will be excellent, the main concerns are over the batting depth. They will be batting on pitches which may be similar to the one which they collapsed in the first test v India. Jacob Oram in his day was a great allrounder, but a few injuries have seen him change as a player, this could be a good last swan song for him. If Vettori is fully fit he will do well as he is a quality player. 

Young players to watch:

  • Kane Williamson: A good middle order batsmen, I know he is considered by many to be a future captain. 

My Predictions:

New Zealand are a tough team to call. It will be between them and Bangladesh to see who comes out of this group. I think New Zealand could just edge out Bangladesh. SUPER EIGHTS

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