Friday, 7 September 2012

World T20 - India

India over the last couple of years have gone to Sri Lanka and conquered all. There has definitely been a shift in squad selection back to fielding more experienced squads. This is largely because the younger players have been around the international stage for so long. There are a few odd picks which I am not sure what to make. 

With Dhoni as the captain India have a guy who has been there and done it all. He knows this format of the game like the back of his hand. His experience is a huge advantage compared to Australia, South Africa, England, Pakistan and New Zealand all of whom have relatively new captains in charge. 

The batting line up is probably the strongest in the business, this is a team that can afford to leave of Sachin Tendulkar and still challenge. The return of Yuvraj is only a good thing, something that everyone is happy to see. He will probably come in for the out of form Rohit Sharma, due to his ability to take crucial wickets. 

Harbhjan is also back in the squad, this is after he has done his little stint on reality television. His selection is interesting, I am sure he will be extra motivated now because he has now experienced what it is like to effectively retire. He is a good player and adds extra experience in the team but I believe he has an ego about him, he was over aggressive as a captain in the IPL and for this alone I do not think he deserves another chance. His selection could also have a negative impact on Ashwin as he is now unsure if he is the main spinner or not. 

The selection of Balaji is also odd, he is selected infront of Yadav and even Munaf Patel. Balaji who adds little in fielding and batting is a decent bowler but I believe Yadav is a much better bowler. Munaf before his antics in the IPL one of the best bowlers, he is being punished for this, by being left out where as Harbhjan walks straight back in. Zaheer Khan is still the best bowler but no spring chicken in the field, he will have to be hidden. 

Young players to look out for:

There are no young players that you haven't heard of, but Rohit Sharma is still pretty young and needs to secure his place in the starting line up. He is very capable of winning games, batting anywhere in the order. A very talented young man, he could be one of the best if he applies himself. 

My Predictions:

I feel India have the best batting line up, but the bowling is hit and miss. In Kohli and Dhoni they have two players in top form. The Indian team venture to Sri Lanka quite often now so conditions should not be anything new to them. The experience gained through playing in the IPL is invaluable, all of this makes India one of the favourites. I predict they will make the FINAL

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