Monday, 3 September 2012

T20 World Cup - How it works

So there are limited overs matches for England and South Africa to contest, T20 matches between India and New Zealand, and a few matches between Pakistan and Australia. As soon as these are completed the cricket fraternity will be focused upon the World T20 competition which starts on the 18 September with the hosts Sri Lanka taking on Zimbabwe. 

The Format:

There are a total of 27 matches packed into a 20 day period. The format is quite a complicated process, involving two group stages before any straight knock out matches are played. The first group stage involves 4 groups each with 3 teams in. This is generally two of the bigger cricketing nations and one minnow but in the case of group D, there is no minnow nation. 

The top 2 in each group will go into either group 1 or 2 of "The Super Eights," this is another 2 groups of 4 teams each. The top 2 in each team will then face the semi finals. If your still confused click ESPNCricinfo link for a brief summary. 

The groups:

Group A:
Group B:
Group C:
Group D:
Sri Lanka
West Indies
South Africa
New Zealand

The competition:

Predicting this competition seems almost impossible, for me all the major nations have an equal chance of winning. Previous winners of this tournament include England, Pakistan and India. All three teams will be confident they can match there past endeavours. I believe that along with the three past winners South Africa, and Sri Lanka have squads to be classed in a group of favourites. Australia do not seem as strong as they have been in the past, although they are still a good team that is very capable of winning any competition. The three dark horses for me are West Indies. 

Click on the major nations below to see articles on each nation:

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