Monday, 3 September 2012

Virat Kohli - Super Star

The words Virat Kohli saves India or Virat Kohli wins the match are all too familiar to cricket lovers. At 23 years old he should be finding his way into the international scene but Kohli is the mainstay of the Indian side. He has amassed so much experience that he is known as the new Mr reliable. In the past 4 years Kohli more often than not delivered for his country, raising the level of fielding and bringing an aggressive youthfulness to the side.    

If Kohli can keep up his form, fitness and desire he could play on the international stage for another 12 years. If this is the case India will have one heck of a player on their hands, one with a lot of records to his name. In my opinion he is the captain elect, this is even though Gambhir is the current vice. Kohli has previous experience of captaining, he is one of 3 people to captain India to U19 glory. His mature demeanour and intelligent cricket brain make him an ideal leader for India. 

Kohli first burst on to the national level in a tour of Sri Lanka in 2008, his scores were nothing special in this series, but it was the first ODI series win in Sri Lanka. In this tour Kohli somewhat surprisingly opened the batting, at this stage no one knew of what was coming in the following years. He had also played a key part of the Indian world cup win and has now secured a regular spot in the test team. In my opinion he is now the first name on the team sheet along with his skipper Dhoni. He has also shown great bottle to score the only Indian century in the disastrous test tour of Australia. A series where more established players struggled. 

Kohli seems to punish Sri Lanka the most, I have never seen a player destroy Malinga as he did in the triangular series held in Australia and play a big role in the world cup final. He has also scored a truly magnificent 183 against Pakistan, an innings which has increased his popularity. 

Kohli is a naturally aggressive player who also has a sound defensive game all qualities which make him the most consistent of players. A brilliant fielder and a useful partnership breaking bowler, a world class player. In my eyes only Hashim Amla can come anywhere near Kohli on current form. He has already written himself into the history books as a legend, but only time will tell if he can become the biggest legend in cricket history. 


  1. Good One though I feel 12 years is really a long long time. I think looking at the way cricket is overloaded such as t20, IPL, test & tight ODI with every two year useless t20 cups etc players wear down easily!

    Kohli is in brilliant form at the moment & I shall expect him to gain much confidence for future abroad series because we must have a player such as Dravid who could cope up on foreign pitches specially England Australia & south Africa

    Let's hope we have found that alternative.


  2. Yeh ur right about the 12 yr thing. Let's hope he continues in this way.


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