Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Emotional comeback for Yuvraj

The date 11/09/2012 will be a memorable day in the life of Yuvraj Singh, it was the day where he made a comeback from a cancerous tumour in his lungs. I cannot comprehend what it is like to suffer from a life threatening illness, but to come back to top level sport after this is truly amazing. The game itself was pretty much a warm up to the world T20, but it meant a lot more to Yuvraj. To me it seems that the game signified to Yuvraj that he had won his fight. He tweeted before the match saying:

This nervousness is only natural for a person who stated that a few months ago he struggled to walk four steps. It must have been like preparing for a second debut, where all doubts return about possible weaknesses. Yuvraj personifies strength and character and will act as an inspiration to all, his twitter name @yuvstrong12 is a good match of his character.

So many people had doubted that he could make a return so soon, if at all, he has blown away all these doubts. From the showing in the match yesterday he showed that he is capable of becoming the player he was before his treatment. He bowled 2 overs, fielded at point and scored a quick 36, including a big six. After the game he was asked about the crowd chanting for him, he admitted to having a few tears in his eyes during the match. 

When last over started and Yuvraj was on strike I had this feeling that it would be the perfect way to finish this match if he had scored the winning runs. This would have been to perfect, I think he still did everyone proud, and maybe just maybe he can guide India onto more glory. 

If you checked his twitter feed over the last few days you would have seen many messages of support from across the whole world. Previously a British newspaper had hailed Yuvraj Singh as one of the top 10 ego's in sport. This is soething that cant be said of him now. 

The man who has scored 6 sixes in an over, was the man of the series in the successful world cup victory will now feel like he has a second wind. My message to the other teams is beware, this is a man who is just happy to play, he could be very dangerous with his new focus. 

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